Commercial Floor Cleaning
Stripping and Waxing

Professional Commercial Floor Cleaning

Are the floors of your business looking worse for wear? Unfortunately, when customers and employees track in dirt and grime, your floors are exposed to sunlight or just nasty weather, they can start to discolor and age. The older your floors are, the more they've seen. Of course, replacing them is always an option, but if you're looking to save money and preserve the integrity of your old floors, try hiring our professional cleaning, stripping, and waxing services!

Commercial Floor Stripping and Waxing Services

Before you consider having your floors professionally stripped and waxed by us, keep in mind that all they may need is some good old commercial floor cleaning. This is when we send in our cleaning crew to assess the situation and work to clean away dirt, dust, grime, and any remaining stains. All of our employees are professional and have years of solid experience working in the field, so you know that when we mean clean, your floors are going to be clean!

Our services include:

  • Professional cleaning with industrial grade equipment and quality cleaning agents.
  • Technicians properly licensed and trained for commercial floor cleaning, but they also show respect to business owners and existing flooring.
  • Great communication skills every step of the way, so if you have any questions, you just need to ask!
  • A guarantee that all of our work is professionally done and your floors preserved in all of their glory.

Stripping And Waxing For Tough Jobs

Sometimes, professional cleaning isn't enough to return commercial flooring to its former glory. In these instances, our company will recommend our stripping and waxing services. Our highly trained technicians will visit your business and choose to strip and wax, or just wax your flooring and apply a preserving top coat. The look of waxed flooring adds a new dimension of shine to an otherwise worn commercial building. Not to mention, these services will help preserve your flooring for years to come without the need to spend money installing new floors.

Why You Can Trust Us

Our company can rise above the competition by offering the following:

1. We specialize in commercial properties. This ensures that our company provides the best experience for the toughest jobs around.

2. We understand that letting strangers into your business isn't easy. For this reason, we guarantee that all of our technicians have passed a thorough background check and are completely knowledgeable about the cleaning, stripping and waxing services offered by our company.

3. No two businesses are alike, which is why our company is pleased to offer flexible cleaning programs to fit your specific needs. Whether you need your flooring cleaned and waxed just once or on a regular basis, it's guaranteed that our company can help.

Are you ready to breathe new life into your old flooring? Our company can help you do just that by offering quality consultations and for a price you can't refuse!

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We are proud to help promote a slick, professional and classy look among business establishments around our community that can make our place a better place for business. Call us today through our free phone number: 855 354 2220 Telephone: 561 345 1801.

We look forward to working with you and provide you with spotless floors and breath-taking results!

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"Customer satisfaction is a priority for this company. Would highly recommend Asteriod Cleaning."

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