Commercial Kitchen Cleaning

Our Commercial and Restaurant Kitchen Cleaning Services

Cleaning a restaurant is an extremely difficult task. You need to get rid of all food debris, and residue. You also also must sanitize your kitchen equipment and machines, on a regular basis as well as an occasional major going over of all areas and equipment. .

This often means you need to hire additional cleaning staff that you may not need in your operation on a regular basis. We think it makes sense to hire out these services on an as-needed basis. At Asteroid Cleaning Solutions we can come in once a week, once a month, or once a year to do your heaviest cleaning and sanitizing.

Restaurant Cleaning Services

We can help you avoid all these problems and additional costs by offering you commercial and restaurant kitchen cleaning services. You won't have to worry about sanitizing your equipment, as our expert team is going to handle all these tasks for you. We offer our staff intensive training and the most advanced tools, so you can rest assured your kitchen is always going to be spotless clean and thoroughly disinfected, ready for a new day of work. We invest in our people, as well as in our equipment, so we can safely say we are among the best in the commercial cleaning industry.

With us, you won't need to worry about sick leave days of your employees. Whenever someone from our cleaning teams gets sick, we are ready to provide a replacement, so that you can always have a full team of workers without any additional cost. Once we agree to provide you a specific range of services for a specific fee, you won't need to pay anything more, regardless any problem that may occur. The problems are all ours, while our clients receive everything they've paid for.

Thanks to our state of the art cleaning equipment, we are able to clean even the most difficult appliances and hard to reach spots in your restaurant kitchen. We take pride in being always up to date with the latest technologies, so that our clients benefit from their advantages at reasonable costs. If you were to buy all this equipment by yourself and train your staff on using it, you'd have to invest a lot more money, thus lowering your profit. Besides, by outsourcing the cleaning of your facility to us, you won't have to bother with investing in repairs and maintenance of your cleaning equipment. This is our responsibility, and we pay close attention to it, so that we can offer our clients the highest quality services each and every time.

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If you want to give us a try, please don't hesitate to contact us. We'll set us a plan that's custom made for your needs. We know our clients are busy, so we do our best to show flexibility and versatility in what offer. Even if you operate a 24 hour facility, we can still work out a cleaning schedule that doesn't interfere with your cooking. We know you need to keep your customers happy, as this is what makes them come back again.

Let us help you streamline your operation. Call us today through our free phone number: 1 855 354 2220 Telephone: 1 561 345 1801.

We look forward to working with you and to providing you with the results you want.

Our Customers Say...

"Ray and his staff are very professional, flexible and easy to work with. Great people and hard workers who get the job done right. I would recommend their services to anyone. "

- Lake Worth, FL