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Asteroid Cleaning Solutions Commercial Janitorial Services

When it comes to a place of business, its cleanliness and orderly look enhances or destroys employee morale and influences how customers think of the business. As a business owner, you might be the very best at what you do. But when it comes to cleaning, if you have either hired in-house cleaning staff or tried getting a cheap service and had those experiences go bad, then it is time to hire a company with the experience to get things done right and kept right.

What You Can Expect From Our Commercial Janitorial Cleaning Service

Just like your customers expect consistency when they do business with you, you likely want the same from the service providers that you contract. That is why it is often not the best decision to try and hire in-house or cheap cleaning services for your business.

You need and deserve to hire a company that is experienced, uses the right kind of equipment and that makes sure their staff is trained and supervised. That is how you can be best assured that the cleaning gets done right all the time.

You Can Communicate With Us

You can communicate with us. It is important that you have someone at the company you use for cleaning that can answer questions, adjust the services being received and someone with whom you can register a complaint with if something is not done to your satisfaction.

A cleaning service will likely be coming into your place of business after hours to clean. That means that you only see the work they did the next day. If there are additional services you find that you need, or some contracted services are being overlooked by the cleaning staff, you need to be able to speak to someone at the cleaning service.

Some services have no one available during regular business hours because they only work after hours. The company you use will need to be available to speak directly with you or it is likely not to work out well over the long haul.

We Take Your Trust Seriously

Take a look at our client lists and our testimonials and referrals. We can stand up to your scrutiny. We make it our business to be ethical and trustworthy. Of course we're licensend and insured and registered with the BBB as well.

A Clean Business is a Must

In business, first impressions are lasting impressions. It is imperative to have a clean office and place of business. But your expertise lies elsewhere. Why not allow a professional service to give you the cleaning you need?

Don't be bothered with the hassles of managing a cleaning staff. Contract a professional that has the experience and track record to give you the dependable service you need. The right service will deliver cleanliness and peace of mind.

Let Asteroid Cleaning Solutions show you how we can help your business by taing care of all your Janitorial needs. Call us today through our free phone number: 1 855 354 2220 Telephone: 1 561 345 1801.

We look forward to working with you and to leaving your business spotless every time.

Our Customers Say...

"Very pleasant gentleman who showed up on time and did a good job. Price was competitive and reasonable. What else could you ask for?"

- - Coral Springs, FL