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About Our Porter Services

You've may have spent a lot of time lately trying to find the perfect porter service for your business. There's good news: that search can end right here, right now. Read about our porter services, and why they'll be perfect for you. All porter services are not created equally.

A porter provides janitorial services throughout the daytime or nighttime while regular customers are in your business. Here is a short list of some of the duties a porter may be required to do:

  • Cleaning common areas such as lobbies and foyers
  • Dusting fixtures and furniture
  • Cleaning up after people in kitchens and food areas
  • Sweeping and mopping floors
  • Keeping up with trashcans and ashtrays
  • Getting ready for events
  • Cleaning up after events
  • Maintaining the front of the building

There are some porter companies out there that will do literally anything to capture your business. That includes selling their services at incredibly low prices, and using terrible cleaning products, techniques, and people to make up the difference.

Paying just a little more can make all the difference when it comes to 1) keeping your staff safe and 2) getting your office or building cleaned to your standards. When shopping around, make sure to ask what products the porters will use, and how the service found their employees. The answers will be very telling.

Prices You Can Afford

Most companies don't hire a porter service because they fear that it will be too expensive. Cleaning duties typically fall on interns or lower level employees. This may work for a time; but using non-porters only fosters workplace resentment and ensures that the job isn't getting done correctly.

There are cheap services out there that will also do a poor job. There are exorbitantly expensive services that make no sense as well. We pride ourselves on staking the middle ground. We'll get the job done right without forcing you to break the bank.

Hire a Porter from Asteroid Cleaning Solutions

The best porters in the business are the ones that you never even notice. Your office/building just looks immaculate, exactly like you want it to. How do these top of the line porters do it?

The best porters don't need to be micromanaged, and by choosing our porter services you ensure that you can spend your time managing your own business.

Cleaning is our business. All our porters will be trained to do things your way - the right way.

A Schedule That Works For You

There's nothing worse than a porter company that demands YOU work around THEIR schedule. This is supposed to be a service that makes your life more convenient.

That's the best thing about our porter services: we never forget how the relationship is meant to work. Do you want your porters to come by overnight and clean the office without interrupting the business? That can be done! Would you rather there was someone around during the day to keep cleanliness maintained? That can be done!

When choosing a porter service, make sure you don't settle for less than what your company deserves.

What Are You Waiting For?

Getting in contact with us is easy! You've found the best porter service around, and we would be happy to offer you our services. Don't wait too long, your office/building could use a cleaning. Call us today through our toll free phone number: 855 354 2220 or at: 561 345 1801.

We look forward to working with you and to providing you with great results.

Our Customers Say...

"Great job in a very timely and professional manor. I would highly recommend Ray and his team 100%. Great guy to work with."

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