Construction Clean Up & Post-Constuction
Cleaning In Florida, Palm Beach County,
Broward County, Orlando, and Tampa

After a building is built, or renovation work is done on a home or commercial facility, there is often a mess of used materials, boxes, packaging, and unusable debris that needs to be removed and take to the dump or otherwise disposed of. The building then needs to be cleaned up, washed down, pressure cleaned, have the windows washed, and otherwise gotten ready for the next phase - which is usually the use, rental, or sale of the property. That's where the construction clean-up service at Asteroid Cleaning Solutions comes in to save the day. We'll coordinate with you to get your site clean and ready for sale, closing, move-in, or grand opening. And we'll do it on schedule and on budget. So when you need post construction cleaning anywhere in Florida, Palm Beach County, Broward County, Orlando, and Tampa, you want to call the guys that specialize in heavy lifting and cleaning.

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Foreclosure Clean-up
Service in West Palm Beach

When a house, townhouse, or condo is foreclosed on, the previous owner rarely does a good job of cleaning up the property. Instead it is often left in terrible condition. Things are left broken; walls, floors, and windows are left dirty; and the outside of the home is usually a mess as well. Someone needs to get the property ready for sale, etc. That's where we come in.

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