Construction Clean Up Service in Georgia

If you're looking for a construction clean-up service in Georgia, we think you should give Asteroid Cleaning Services some serious consideration. When it comes to cleaning up a construction site or similar large debris removal jobs, we have years of experience and tons of happy customers that will tell you were serious about cleaning up and getting you ready for business. We can handle anything from a light restoration job to heavy building construction. And we have the trained manpower to do it right.

Pressure Washing Service in Georgia

If you need pressure washing to clean up the areas around a home or business we aim to be the best pressure washing service in Georgia. That means we do pressure cleaning right. We get rid of dirt, mold, and grime on homes, siding, sidewalks, and anywhere else it exists. No job is too light or too heavy for Asteroid Cleaning Solutions.


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Construction Clean Up Services


Prior to installation of Gypcrete/Before Paint (Framing close in)

  • Remove all framing and roofing materials, boxes, paint buckets, for material, and miscellaneous trash from the buildings.
  • Remove sheetrock scraping as well as scraping of joint compound from all floors in the units, breezeways, and patios.
  • Remove all debris from outside and inside all units, club, ancillary buildings, job-site and sweep floors, and keep site in a clean condition.
  • Broom sweep units, private and common storage and utility closets, breezeways, stairs and landings removing all trash and debris from floor.
  • Clean all window and door, both sides. Care is to be taken protecting window sills from paint scrapings and cleanser. At no time will standing on window sills be allowed.
  • Clean all bathroom tub/showers.


Prior to FIRST PUNCHLIST (Ready for Owner Walk-through)

  • Thoroughly clean all bathrooms. This shall include washing of all surfaces with a cleaning agent approved by the manufacturer. Also clean all vanities, interior and exterior, all vanity tops and bowls, medicine cabinets (interior and exterior), mirrors and finished hardware and light fixtures.
  • Clean all kitchen cabinets (interior and exterior), kitchen countertops, bowls, kitchen appliances (interior and exterior), and remove any packing material, masking tape, etc.
  • Collect all warranty booklets and store in a kitchen drawer per Contractor's direction.
  • Clean all windows and doors, interiors and exteriors, including removal of all extraneous foreign substances from glass, tracks and frames with a non-corrosive and non-abrasive cleanser.
  • Install window screens.
  • Wipe and wash all wire shelving.
  • Clean fireplace, hearth, and surround.
  • Clean all light fixtures, including bulbs.
  • Clean mechanical equipment to include air handlers, hot water heaters, meters piping, valves, etc. by wiping down with a mild cleanser
  • Wipe-down all finished wood products with a coat of "Old English" Lemon Oil or equal.
  • Remove protective covering from flooring and dispose of in on-site dumpster provided.
  • Vacuum all carpeted floor areas.
  • Clean all vinyl and ceramic floor areas with a mild detergent.
  • Wax all vinyl flooring with compatible waxing products to restore a clean and finished look.
  • Verify with the Contractor the type of vinyl flooring installed so as not to damage the surface.
  • Thoroughly sweep and wet mop, with disinfectant, all unfinished areas, breezeways and patios.
  • Clean all private and common storage and utility closets.
  • Sweep and wash building entries, decks, breezeways, spot wash lower level of siding patios and lead walks.


After completion of FINAL PUNCHLIST (Turnover ready)

  • Wipe down all fixtures, counter tops, cabinets, appliances, mirrors, and hardware.
  • Polish stainless steel sinks
  • Re-clean fireplace, hearth and surround.
  • Re-clean slider tracks and door thresholds.
  • Re-clean vinyl and ceramic flooring.
  • Re-vacuum all carpeted areas.
  • Remove all extraneous trash and material to onsite container provided by Contractor.
  • Prior to vacuuming carpeted areas, subcontractor shall receive approval to prevent access prior to Owner acceptance.
  • Empty icemaker, turn off all interior lights and appliances (except for kitchen fluorescent light), lock all the windows and doors, adjust blinds uniformly and place thermostat to 80 degrees in summer and 65 degrees in winter, or as directed by Contractor, prior to final lock-down.

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"Ray and his staff are very professional, flexible and easy to work with. Great people and hard workers who get the job done right. I would recommend their services to anyone. "

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