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About Asteroid Cleaning Solutions

A proud tradition of service...

From humble beginings in 2013, and with years of hard work and determination, Asteroid Cleaning Solutions has grown into a recognized and respected source of quality cleaning and debris removal throughout the East Coast of the United States.  

We have learned that the key to every project’s success is understanding the client's needs and expectations and then doing our best to exceed those expectations on every job we do.

We are specialty contract cleaners. As such we take on  jobs of all sizes, where our help is needed on a regular basis. We can also help you if you have a large project that will take some time to accomplish. 

It's our goal to solve your biggest cleaning and debris removal problems. We understand that you may be tired of over-paying for inexperience commercial cleaners who cannot follow instructions properly or communicate well enough to do the job properly. Working with an expert you can trust will save you both time and money. We aim to be your most trusted go-to cleaning experts at all times.

At Asteroid it's our goal to solve many of the problems our clients face each day. We employee the best worker in the following areas and more: Professional window cleaners, sanitizers , floor-techs, debris removal, power washing, construction cleaning, etc. When you need work done, we send out the division that's needed for the task at hand.

We have offices throughout the East Coast in Florida, Georgia, Virginia, Maryland, & Pennsylvania to better serve our clients.

Our company mission is to save our clients money by offering well-trained and experience labor services; cleaning management services; proper licensing; insurance; and a net 30 day pay plan.

We are sure that once you've tried our services, you'll continue to use us again and again.  Give us a call and let us show you how we can help you save money on all your cleaning requirements.

Our Office Locations

Florida Corporate Office
2151 45th St,
West Palm Beach FL, 33407
Office: (561) 323-4998   
Fax: 561.863.4118

1997 Annapolis Exchange Park#300
Annapolis Maryland, 21401
Office: (410) 618-1383  
Fax: 561.863.4118

1 International Plaza Dr #550
Philadelphia PA, 19153
Office: (215) 346-5906  
Fax: 561.863.4118

7400 Beaufont Springs Dr#300
Richmond VA, 23225
Office: (804) 325-4003   
Fax: 561.863.4118

5555 Glen-ridge Connector#200
Atlanta GA, 30342
Office: (678) 601-6123   
Fax: 561.863.4118

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